Save back button on all pages


I hate getting out of projects or any page that i need to save, wait for it to save -3-5 seconds then hit back and wait another 3-5 seconds. This seems small but when you are heavily in and out of projects all day that adds up. If everything was just faster that would help as well.


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Rachel Hughes

Hi JL- yes, that is frustrating, especially as it adds up all day long. I will add this suggestion to the enhancement board that we consider quarterly, and in the meantime, I have 2 "work-arounds" for you to try that might make your day smoother:

1. When you are on the project page, and you want to open an individual project, try right clicking the project name and selecting "open project in a new tab". This way you can jump back and forth from individual projects to the list with no lag time at all. You could also open up 5 or 10 projects at a time, and work your way across the tabs.

2. The other idea is, depending on what you want to edit. If you need to bulk update projects, you can do a lot of that from the project page without clicking into each individual project.

Hopefully these help!