⛄️ December 2021 Updates

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    Brittnee Lynch
  • on 17-12-2021

Here are the enhancements released this month! 

1. Reorder Sales Behaviors

2. Drag and Drop Documents

3. New User Permissions 

November 2021 Updates 🍂

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    Brittnee Lynch
  • on 22-11-2021

October 2021 Updates 🎉

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    Brittnee Lynch
  • on 25-10-2021

Here's a look at the new features and enhancements rolled out in October 

1. Users can now automatically schedule and email reports to themselves or others on their team! You determine which report gets sent and at which frequency. It looks like this in your inbox 🗓📈

2. If you ever wanted it to be easier to find a contact to add to a project, you're in luck! You can now Automatically pull in a contact form the system or from your email . 👤

3. Create email templates right in Followup. And see when the recipient opened the email! 📩

4. You can also add your signature to your emails 😉 ✍️

Stay tuned for more exciting roll outs! 


    September 2021 Updates 🎉

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      Erick Vargas
    • on 30-09-2021

    Here is an update on all of the new features, enhancements, and integrations rolled out in September 2021!

      1. Global Search - https://help.followupcrm.com/e... 
      2. Automatically Pull In Contacts From System or Email. https://help.followupcrm.com/e...
      3. One-click add - https://help.followupcrm.com/e... 
      4. Zapier Integration enhancements
      5. The Edge integration enhancements
      6. Company Contacts Export 
      7. Email Templates https://help.followupcrm.com/e... 
      8. Email Signature https://help.followupcrm.com/e... 

      August 2021 Updates

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        Brittnee Lynch
      • on 31-08-2021

      Here's a peak at all of the new features, enhancements, and integrations rolled out in August 2021! 

        • Followup CRM is now integrated with CompanyCam! 

        • Forgot your password? No problem! We re-designed a new easy to find Forgot Password button that - when clicked - will help you reset it.

        • By popular demand, the File Data page is now named PROJECTS. All the functionality remains the same.

        • The grey quotas bar charts on the homepage now reflect the collective quotas for the company.

        • Under company settings >> people | you can now assign a type to a user such as sales or project management

        We're working on more ways to improve your experience. Please keep voting and checking in! 

        July 2021 Updates

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          Erick Vargas
        • on 31-07-2021

        Here a peak at all of the new features, enhancements, and integrations rolled out in July 2021!

        • Login with O365 and Gmail

        • Google Addresses - File data and Companies