August Updates

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    Brittnee Lynch
  • on 31-08-2021

Here a peak at all of the new features, enhancements, and integrations rolled out in August 2021! 

    • Followup CRM is now integrated with CompanyCam! 

    • Forgot your password? No problem! We re-designed a new easy to find Forgot Password button that - when clicked - will help you reset it.

    • By popular demand, the File Data page is now named PROJECTS. All the functionality remains the same.

    • The grey quotas bar charts on the homepage now reflect the collective quotas for the company.

    • Under company settings >> people | you can now assign a type to a user such as sales or project management

    We're working on more ways to improve your experience. Please keep voting and checking in! 

    July Updates

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      Erick Vargas
    • on 31-07-2021

    Here a peak at all of the new features, enhancements, and integrations rolled out in July 2021!

    • Login with O365 and Gmail

    • Google Addresses - File data and Companies