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Cathy Schmidt

Can you tell me about any plans to make changes to the Sales Quota set up? First, I see that all fields are required to be entered, can some of the fields be made optional to track?
Second, it would be nice to be able to set up quarterly goals instead of monthly, is that in the works? Third, if the goals are the same every month, it would be nice to be able to copy from one month into another, right now you have to enter each month individually. Finally, the $ amount entry for Gross Margin seems odd to me - could we put a percentage in and have it calculate the dollar amount for us? Thanks for letting me know what the plans are.


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Erick Vargas

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Brittnee Lynch

Hi Cathy! Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Yes, we are working on enhancements for the sales quotas and will keep you updated on the progress. As of right now, the same quotas roll over to the next month unless they are manually changed. So you don't need to take any action for them to populate the next month.