Email Attachment Access by Other Users


I think it's a mistake to prohibit email attachment access by users who aren't copied on the email. One of the greatest potential benefits of FollowUp is that you can automatically bring email attachments into a project sent by a customer. Often, the customer will only send the email to one particular FollowUp user. If that user is on vacation for a week, then other authorized FollowUp users are unable to view the attachments without direct intervention by the user who is away on vacation. Yet, everyone with access to the Project can read the text of their email. How does that make sense? If you're trying to maintain privacy, then why allow the text to be read? I would strongly suggest that the best way to promote prompt "Follow Up" would be to provide full access to all emails that are attached to the project to anyone who is authorized to access the project. This specifically would include making the attachment(s) accessible. This is a big problem that we were confident that FollowUp was going to solve, but unfortunately it currently does not solve. Please make email attachments available to all who can view the project, just like the email text is available to all who can view the project.