Edit Calendar Item Box


We would love to be able to customize the Edit Calendar Item box in the Calendar view. We use the bid calendar to run through the bids for the week with our team, but we would have to click the Project Link button to find out the pertinent info for each job as we talk about them. It would be great to see the following info in this view: company name and contact name. It would also be great to be able to add notes in this area so we can more specifically identify the calendar event. For example, we put change orders on the calendar but it would be nice to clarify that this change order is for Revision #2 plans or something like that. Sometimes we have more than one change order on the calendar for one job and currently we have no way to identify what that particular event is for. It would also be nice to be able to show custom fields in that box if we chose to, such as our job # field.


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Rachel Hughes

Thanks for the suggestion! And we really appreciate the detail and context here. I've added this to the list of enhancements that we consider quarterly as we map out the product roadmap.